What is Copytrding?

Copytrding is like all trades we will open in to our Master Account , it will be Automatically copy into your Trading account So that's means you don't have to do anything. All you need to do Just pass us your MT4 & MT5 login details. We will do everything for you. You can see all the trades but you will be not allow to do open or close any positions.

How much should I minimum investment for Copytrding ?
1- Minimum deposit of $1500
2- Maximum No limit.

How much I can earn from Copytrding?
1- It's depends on your investment.
2- More investment more earning.
3- Our Target minimum weekly grow your account 5% to 15%

What are the benefits from our copytrding service?
1-No fear of losing trades
2- No missing Signals
3- No missing Entries & Exits
4- No need to study/ analyze charts
5- Learn while you earn
6- No need to spend time trading

What can you expect from our Copytrding service?
1-Weekly account growth minimum 5%- 15%
2- Monthy account growth minimum 15% - 50%
3 -Profits sharing weekly 50/50
4 -Always proper risk MANAGEMENT!
5 -Sharp entries and news trades (70% hit rate)
6 -Smart Stop-loss to minimize loss and maximize profits
7 -24/7 support for any requests and fast answers.

How do we send you profits ?
You can send us profits through Skrill or neteller or BTC. or Bank Transfer(UPI)

How can we contact with you for this service ?
You can contact us through telegram apps. Or what's app or email. You can go to our contact us page to connect us.
$50 fees to connect your account into our server. (One time fees only) We don't afford any kind of loses.

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