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Managed fund / Managed account trading are becoming increasingly popular with investors who want high returns but who also seek to diversify their portfolio. This type of investment is best suited to investors who have neither the time nor perhaps the expertise to trade their own account.

The process involves opening a Forex trading Account with a regulated broker and having it managed by our team of highly professional analysts and traders. Our very successful performance is achieved using strict risk management guidelines while maximizing returns for our investors month after month. This is achieved by regular screening of our trading strategies & continuous updating of our trading technologies.


We were inspired by advanced price action research and our primary objective is to focus on developing trading models and strategies based on market price volatility. We utilize trading systems based on algorithmic trading approaches, as well as variety of non-predictive and discretionary models incorporated into a trading portfolio. Currently we trade Price Volatility strategies on Forex market, however, this model can be applied to other markets.
We offer private individuals, corporations and self-managed superannuation funds professional currency asset management services. We guide and advise our clients to the best solutions which will suit their personal needs, Our News deliver superior performance in today?s markets, and we continually develop new solutions to meet your investment needs in the future.

We provide investors with a low risk investment, which aims to make absolute, positive returns regardless of market conditions. Our asset management model offers access to client?s capital, safety of their investment and capital protection (Because their fund are kept in segregated accounts). Risk management is a priority and managed forex accounts are administered with very strict investment criteria.

  • [1] Strategy risk is 3% in the market on any one trade.
  • [2] This strategy has a fixed stop loss and aims for a 1:3 risk reward profile.
  • [3] The maximum draw-down is 20% only.
  • [4] Risk management can also be tailored to each individual's needs.
  • [5] The minimum investment amount for this strategy is $20,000
  • [6] The expected Monthly compounded return ranges between 30% to 60%..
  • [7] There are no management fees, however there will be a 50% commission on the profits..

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